How to Kill Jacksonville Flying Squirrels

How would we humans respond if someone deprives us from our home and builds one’s own home over the same area? Do we ever ask animals how do they feel about loss of their homes due to urbanisation and development? Our species is causing pain to these animals by depriving them of their home and then killing them so if they invade our property. This is brutal and heartless! This is the reason that killing pests that invade your home is not even suggested as last resort.

You must have heard of flying squirrels which have ability to ‘glide’ with their parachute wings and are nocturnal pests which prefer to build their nest on tall trees or in attic in residential areas. if you have flying squirrels in your home then you must be looking for ways to get rid of them. It could be easy to resort to poisons and get rid of them but as stated in the previous stance we should not be killing these innocent pests. There are multiple ways to get rid of flying squirrels which include fencing of area, trapping them and work towards eliminating the factors which invite them to your home at first place. This post will still talk about ways as to how flying squirrels can be killed as you might want to use them in case of any emergency.

1. Poisons: There are many poisons available in the market which help in getting rid of flying squirrels. All you have to do is to place these poisons in the areas where you have spotted flying squirrels or near their nest in attic or basement area of your home. Squirrels will feed upon them and eventually die. These poisons are based on chemical formula of anticoagulants which prolong the clotting time and makes the blood of animals thin eventually leading to a painful death.
2. Shooting: In countryside areas where it is legal to keep a gun, this option is available. But you need to make sure that you are not breaking any law, no disturbing your neighbours and are absolutely sure about your target. Flying squirrels are very quick animals and it might not be easy to shoot them if you are not an expert.
3. Trapping: Trapping is other means to catch flying squirrels by keeping a bait for them. Some people hand them over to butcher houses after trapping while some prefer giving them to humane societies for easy removal.

Killing flying squirrels might seem to be easy but it is actually not! The poison which you lay down might be fed upon by other pets at home and it might not be legal to get rid of carcasses of these dead animals. While it is true that not everything is in our hands and it is impossible to do no harm at all but at least we can try to adopt humane ways of wildlife removal from our homes. Adopting other measures which can provide these wildlife animals a peaceful place to survive and thrive will prove to be a great aid towards wildlife management.

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