Best Methods To Keep Jacksonville Gophers Away From Yard

Do you love to grow vegetation in your garden? You must have brought of the best quality seeds for your plantation area but recently gophers have attacked your neighbor’s house, and now you are in trouble. Well! If you have heard news about the presence of gophers around, it is important to take immediate steps to prevent their entry to your premises. These pests have the potential to destroy the vegetation within very less time and will create lots of tunnels in your outdoors.

There are few trusted methods to prevent Jacksonville gopher’s attack in your premises; below we have discussed some of them:

Method one: You will be happy to know that Florida gophers are afraid of cats and dogs. So, in order to scare them from entering your premises, it is good to put droppings of these domestic animals in the outdoors. You can scatter them in the garden area as the strong odor of afar can drive gophers away from your garden. At the same time, gophers can also be scared with the smell of dryer sheets, mothballs, castor oil, ground coffee beans and even fish scraps as well. It means you can stock these things at your home to scare gophers away.

Method two: Jacksonville ophers are always curious to munch down the crops and plants; hence, the best idea to deal with them is to add plants that gophers hate. These plants work like natural repellents and can keep rodents away from your garden for the long run. Some of the best options are castor bean, daffodils, marigold, and oleander. You can also prevent their access to the plantation by installing a chicken wire around; these wires generally come in the shape of the basket. One more option is to raise the flower bed to achieve more height so that they become elevated.

Method three: Studies reveal that Florida gophers prefer to live underground, so they are not interested in listening to any noise. If you want to keep them away from your house, the best idea is to put some wind chimes in the area. You can also install a loudspeaker in the garden and play it loud to keep gophers away.

Method four: Another good option to deal with the Jacksonville gopher problem is to use traps. The market is loaded with lots of traps that can handle your needs with ease but make sure you choose non-lethal traps because it is difficult to clean the mess caused by lethal traps. Some people also prefer to install a fence around their property to prevent the gopher’s attack.

Best solution: In case if you are already too occupied in your routines and are not able to find any way to deal with Florida gopher’s problem, it is good to contact professional rodent exterminators. They know the right techniques to handle the problem and can ensure your safety from rodent attack in the long run. They use trusted methods to eliminate gophers from premises so that you can save your vegetation with ease.

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